Let’s look at the following assets you might hold that are insured and the most important thing that pays for these premiums — Your Income!!

  • Car worth €30,000 – insured.
  • House worth €300,000 – insured.
  • Iphone worth €1000 – insured (maybe you have it insured)
  • Income worth €2,000,000 – Not Insured

Reasons why you don’t have it covered?

  • Because you think if “I claim, they won’t pay out”?
  • You think you can’t afford it and premiums are too high?
  • Or you’re afraid your health or occupation might not be covered?

Do insurers pay income protection claims?

Yes, they do and they now publish their claims figures each year.

The insurers paid 95% of income protection claims in 2017.If you submit all the honest facts in your application you have nothing to be afraid of, if a claim is made!

Can you afford income protection?

Income Protection can be expensive, but we always work to your affordability. Take out cover that suits your affordability and instead of 75% of your income insure it for 50%. There is also Tax Relief on your premiums at your marginal rate which people always forget!!

Do you qualify for income protection?

Most Occupations are covered under the Income Protection Plan unless you hold a risk occupation such as a high towered crane driver etc!! or you have some serious medical conditions

What would happen if you were unable to work due to Illness?

What would happen if you were unable to work long term due to illness?

  • Your income would stop.

How would you pay your mortgage?

  • The bank would try help you initially but at some stage of you not paying your mortgage you will be homeless…

How can I prevent this?

The answer to this is to take out an income protection policy It’s your way of keeping your head above water and your mortgage, bills and lifestyle intact.

If you step back and look at your outgoings and what amount of income you need to cover these in the event of sickness/illness you will see how important holding a plan is.

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